High Risk Loans in Fayetteville, TN

If you’ve been dealing with bad credit, you might have gotten advice to apply for a high risk auto loan. Don’t let the name scare you, high risk financing is simply a special type of financing for shoppers with bad credit; they can also be referred to as bad credit, special finance, or credit reestablishment auto loans. High risk car loans are for shoppers with low credit scores (below 620), current or previous credit damage, or zero credit history. Instead of getting turned away by a conventional lender, take your finances into your own hands and apply for a hassle-free high risk loan – you’ll get the car you need and start to rebuild your credit score at the same time.

Getting a High Risk Auto Loan in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Because high risk loans are tailored specifically for shoppers with bad credit, you will usually get a higher interest rate. Don’t fret, though, because our expert team of finance advisors and lending partners will work to get your loan approved no matter what. High risk loans are helpful in rebuilding your credit, as well. After paying down your initial high risk auto loan, the next loan you apply for will have a lower interest rate. With a little time, your financial responsibility will pay off and you’ll get a lower interest rate with each subsequent loan and continue to raise your score with on-time payments until your credit improves enough to get you approved for a conventional loan at a conventional interest rate.

Fayetteville, TN Car Dealership Specializing in High Risk Financing

You won’t find high risk loans at just any ol’ vehicle dealership here in Tennessee, but if you’re shopping with us, that won’t be a problem! Our finance team will tailor you the prefect high risk loan and find you the perfect lender who will approve your loan application and offer you the best possible rates and terms. Shopping – and applying for credit – anywhere else will likely put another damaging hard inquiry on your credit report and you’ll still have no car to show for it. With our Fayetteville, TN dealership, you’ll get a high risk loan you can live with and we’ll even report your on-time payments to the major credit bureaus so you can start rebuilding your credit score the moment you start paying for your car!